The onset of the twentieth century brought a major change in official attitudes towards Indian dance. Rediscovery of its artistic heritage was an integral part of a renaissance of national self-discovery that culminated in India’s independence from colonial rule. A massive job of reconstructing Odissi began in this era. This reconstruction involved scrutinizing through ancient texts and more importantly, the close examination of these dance poses which were represented in the various temples. Several people were responsible for the reconstruction and popularisation of Odissi dance. Most notable are Guru Deba Prasad Das, Guru Mayadhar Raut, Guru Pankaj Charan Das, Guru Mahadev Rout, Guru Raghu Dutta, and Guru Kelu Charan Mahapatra. Modern Odissi emphasizes more physical and even acrobatic aspects of its soul-stirring gestures. The development of Odissi as theatrical performance art on the stage enlightens the viewers with its grace. Hence, modern Odissi will continue to preserve Odisha’s rich tradition and culture in the times to come.

Personalities who took the lead to revive Odissi

Guru Deba Prasad Das

Guru Mayadhar Raut

Guru Kelu Charan Mahapatra

Guru Pankaj Charan Das