Nritya Sadan, located in the Jaykaypur staff club, is an association best known for preserving and promoting the awareness of the rich tradition of Odissi dance and heritage. It promotes the ancient dance form of India – “Odissi”. This organization inculcates the essence of cultural values and beliefs among students. It flourishes this graceful art form and emphasizes on its virtues. It differentiates this dance form from other six classical styles of India and signifies it within the district. Since ages, Nritya Sadan has been an excellent organization to extract the best out of every artist. In its primary stage, Nritya Sadan dealt with 15 students. At present, it involves a massive number of students as its part. This organization strives to provide a platform to the local dance enthusiasts to showcase their talent and spread their art form to a varied and broad audience.