Pada bhedas are positions of feet in Odissi dance. Some of the pada bhedas are:

Sama Pada (feet touching together)

Kumbha Pada (feet lifted up touching the ends)

Dhanu Pada (right foot quarter-in-front of the left foot)

Moha Pada (right leg high up on the left knee)

Eka Pada (right foot raised forward)

Lolita Pada (Pointed toes touching the back of the leg)

Rekha Pada (feet placed consecutively)

Nupura Pada (right leg lifted up and placed on the knee)

Suchi Pada (pointed toe touching the ground)

Kunchita Pada (toes firmly placed on the ground)

Alidha Pada (left leg placed behind the right one and the right leg is made horizontal)

Pratiyalidha Pada (left leg placed forward and weight shifted to the right leg)

Chouka Pada (feet opened apart maintaining 4 inches distance between them)

Swastika Pada (feet lifted up on the toes)