What information tools & technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?

We have used six computers, four laptops and smartphones for communicating, compiling, processing, and transferring required information for designing the website. Digital video cameras were used to capture the visual data required for our project. Telephones and mobile phones were used to contact associates and gather information. The internet has extensively helped to come across vast resources from which we gather relevant information for our concerned project. Social media (especially Whatsapp) acted as a common point for our team members to communicate, share their ideas and work collaboratively from their own homes.

In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person?

Members of the Cyberfair team provided the interested students of primary classes some basic knowledge about Indian classical dance, with a particular focus on Odissi. The students were very excited throughout the interaction session and were curious to know more. Further, we approached the local Odissi guru (teacher) Shri Trilochan Sahoo to pile up in-depth knowledge of the dance form, and he showed us the right path to accomplish our project. He also suggested us to interact with a professional Odissi dancer – Swarnaprabha Patra. She shared her marvellous journey from being a student of this classical dance form to a recognized expert. It is a matter of pride and honour for her to perform Odissi dance on an international platform. She has set an excellent benchmark for the artists. She thanked us for selecting Odissi as the topic for an international research project. This motivated us to put forth the heritage of Odisha through Odissi. The act of promoting the gracefulness of Odissi was not only limited to the students, but also Mrs Vandana Nanda one of our teachers who is a trained Odissi dancer, played a pivotal role in this regard. Our journey of being the ambassadors for this project in this international platform, enriched us to propagate this passion and dedication for our rich culture throughout the times to come. We hope that this research will let the world know and recollect the importance of Local culture and dance forms.

What has been the impact of your project on your community?

Our project on ‘Odissi Dance’ has helped the people to widen their knowledge about the rich culture and beauty of Odissi. In this evolutionary period, people in our community encourage and commend on modern dancers. They get attracted to the Operandi of the western dance but working on the project has helped us to create a keen interest within the community such that the young generation and the tiny toddlers have started learning and practising Odissi. It substitutes the traditional Guru-Shishya or master-disciple relationship even in this modern era. Not only Odissi but all the other traditional dance forms create a productive space that can help the youth generation to understand how the customs of classical dances embody the cultural memory of our vivid country ‘INDIA’. It opens the door of innovation for the community to unfurl their dancing skills. It expresses different religious stories and spiritual ideas which forms a strong foundation for the revival of our culture. Odissi performances also convey the message of unity through the decorum of the dance style. Many people other than school students have viewed our website and also suggested to take some more videos, photos of Odissi dancers.

How did your project involve other members of your community as helpers and volunteers?

The assistance provided by our experienced and committed teachers and faculties was invaluable in helping our project get everything done in a very timely manner. We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to our Principal and the management committee who motivated and provided us with this golden opportunity to carry forward this project. Our parents stayed as the pillars of strength with us whenever we required their help, opinions, and support. We are grateful to our friends who motivated us throughout this enlightening journey. We consulted many artists via email and phone. We had both auditory and visual interaction with those artists. Many of them had provided us with valuable information concerning our endeavours. We gathered much information about the evolution and history of Odissi with the passing ages. We were taught about the significance that it carries in its existence. The Odissi guru Shri Trilochan Sahoo served to be an abode of knowledge and information and guided us throughout this project.

Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises

An active exploration of any topic fills one with knowledge. In a world that seems too big to comprehend this project has offered a remarkable opportunity to research the home ground about this sensuous dance- ODISSI. As a part of the learning experience, we came to discover so much about Odissi like the different history, mudras, themes, music involved and the costumes used. In Odissi dance. Apart from all these, this project has provided a dynamic approach in acknowledging us with the immense power of collaborative work. We came to realize that “Unity is strength’ where there are teamwork and collaboration, beautiful things can be achieved.